Geo-Photo Exhibition Competition

Whenever we describe Geocaching to anyone who has never heard of it, one of the first advantages we point out is the chance it gives everyone to visit amazing unique places. Galleries on the Geocaching website are filled with amazing photos taken while Geocaching - beautiful scenery, amazing adventures, and just generally a lot of fun being had!

It's time to showcase those beautiful images. Look through your albums and find your favourite photos taken while Geocaching - those special moments and photos you are particularly proud of. Send them into us and we'll put them on display at our very own NZ Mega Photo Exhibition - and what's more, you might win a prize! How neat is that?

Without rules we'd live in a world of chaos, so...
- Photos must be submitted in .jpeg format of high enough resolution that they can be printed (we recommend at least 1500 pixels wide and no more than 4MB file size)
- You must email your photos (one at a time) to
- You can enter as many photos as you want (but we reserve the right to limit entries per person if necessary)
- Each photo must be accompanied by the GC code of the geocache that the photo was taken in relation to (at or on the way to) along with an optional caption
- No spoilers unless you have the permission of the geocache owner
- To ensure we get your photo entries in time, send them in at least 2 weeks before the mega event
- You must have registered for the NZ Mega 2013 event in order to enter this competition
- Scenic, action, fun, and adventure are four categories for which we will award first prizes, based on votes at the Mega event

Camo Cache Competition

Fancy yourself as a master of disguise? Then gather your materials around and create an amazing camouflaged cache container for our Camo Cache Competition. Bring it along to the event where attendees will be able to admire your talents and vote for their favourite camo cache container. There are some pretty cool prizes at stake here so time to get out the big guns. The glue guns, that is.

The rules for this competition are pretty simple:
- Your container can be disguised as anything you want and you may enter as many as you want
- You must bring your camo cache container(s) to the event (the earlier the better so that people get a chance to vote on them)
- You must have registered for the NZ Mega 2013 event in order to enter this competition
- There will be prizes awarded for different categories, such as bush camo and urban camo, but don't let any thoughts of prize categories cloud your creative genius!
- There will also be an overall winner, based on the total votes by event attendees
- What are you waiting for? Get to work!

Pathtag Design Competition

Have you ever considered designing your own pathtag? Are you an experienced pathtag designer just looking for an excuse to create a pathtag especially for the mega? Well we've got a reason for you to get designing! Create a pathtag for the mega and have it minted so you can bring it along and trade with other pathtaggers and we'll add a bonus reason - you'll get to show off your design to all the other event attendees and if your pathtag design is voted the favourite of the mega event, you will win a special set of our mega pathtags!

Competition rules:
- Pathtags entered in this competition must use the NZ Mega 2013 pathtag back (pictured above right)
- You must submit a photo or artwork for your pathtag (don't worry, we'll keep them secret until the mega)
- The pathtag must be minted and you'll need to bring at least one to the mega event (you can opt to contribute one to the prize)
- This competition is open to anyone, but if you can't physically attend the event, you will need a proxy to attend and bring your pathtag (either you or your proxy must have registered for the NZ Mega 2013 event)
- The winning pathtag will be voted by the mega event attendees

Early Bird GPS!

Magellan has partnered with NZ Mega 2013 and has decided to reward one of our early bird registrations with a shiny brand new Magellan eXplorist 310. All you have to do is register and pay for the event before the end of May and you will be in to win one of these awesome devices, valued at $299! The eXplorist 310 is a waterproof handheld GPS packed with helpful features. It comes preloaded with the World Edition Premium Basemap and features a 2.2" transflective colour screen that allows for the best readability in direct sunlight. Additionally, the Magellan eXplorist 310 supports paperless geocaching and stores up to 10,000 geocaches. The device is rugged and waterproof to IPX-7 standards and weighs a mere 147 grams! Whether you are in the market for a new main unit or want a spare one to make sure you are never lost, this is the device for you. Register and pay for the event before the end of May and you might very well end up getting one! If you have already registered, worry not: you are already in the draw! This competition has now closed and the winner will be drawn shortly!

Early Bird Cash!

To encourage early bird registration and payment for NZ Mega 2013 in Auckland, one our gold sponsors Tours Direct has kindly put up THREE prizes of $200 each towards the cost of one of their tours. Register and pay before the end of May to be in to win, and you could be jetting off on one of Tours Direct's amazing trips with an extra $200 left in your pocket! The $200 discount will be valid on any international Tours Direct tour until the end of 2014. Everyone who registers and pays, or has already registered and paid, before the end of May 2013 is automatically entered, and the winners will be drawn and announced in the first week of June. Just a reminder, early bird registration is $50, a $10 discount off the standard registration price of $60 that will come into effect on the 1st of June. This competition has now closed and the winners will be drawn shortly!

Name That Pukeko!

The Mega has a mascot! It's a happy, friendly, cuddly pukeko, but he/she doesn't have a name. The mega team doesn't even know if it's a boy pukeko or a girl pukeko - we're a little too embarrassed to ask. So we've left it up to all of you to tell us what our feathered friend should be called. You can click on the image to the right to get a better look at him/her.

We asked all of you to email us your name suggestions and we've picked out the best ones so now it's time for you to vote for the winning name. The winner of this competition (that is the person who first suggested the winning name by email) will receive a one of a kind original painting of the pukeko mascot, signed by the artist! Note that, to win this prize, they will need to register for and attend the mega event. Name submissions are now closed - we're now only accepting votes for the names on the shortlist.

Our five favourite names, in no particular order, are as follows:

Pukewai (which is Maori for hills and water)
Pokey (because geocachers poke about under trees and bushes)
Marsha (because it's a swamp hen - get it?!)

You can vote for whichever name you choose either via facebook, by email, or on twitter using the #namethatpukeko hashtag. We'll announce the winning name in our May newsletter. This competition, and voting, have now closed - the winning name is "Pokey" and the winner will be notifed.

Auckland Mega Santa

The Auckland 2013 Mega Team have been overcome with christmas spirit and as a special christmas gift to all potential attendees of Auckland Mega 2013, everyone who has submitted their expression of interest to attend the Auckland 2013 Mega Event by the 10th of January 2013 (including everyone who has already submitted theirs) will go into a draw to win a 1 year Premium Member subscription to the website, valued at 30USD. This will be drawn at the Mega Event and gifted to the user account of the winner. This competition has now closed and the winner will be drawn and announced at the Mega!

Mega 2013 Countdown

Mega is over!

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