Auckland 2013 Team

Introducing the Auckland 2013 Team, which is made up of seven individuals from four different geocaching teams/usernames...


Brett & Barb at Slope Point, the most southern point on mainland New ZealandYuGeo4 is a family geocaching team consisting of Brett, Barb and their two teenage sons. They purchased their first GPS unit, a Garmin 76S, in 2005 to keep a track record of their other hobby, Photography, during their travels around New Zealand. Brett was initially introduced to geocaching by a work colleague Simon, aka sww, but it took Simon another eighteen months to finally convince him to take up the sport - Brett's famous last words were "Who would want to look for plastic boxes in the bush with a GPS" but the rest, they say, is history.

Some memorable highlights for YuGeo4 include muggling another geocacher within two weeks of signing up in January 2007 - "So we aren’t the only crazy ones looking for lost plastic containers?" - to marking their 4000th find with a group of geocaching friends at the Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and attaining their 10000th find at the recent Dunedin 2012 Mega Event.

Brett and Barb were both intrigued by puzzle caches when they first started geocaching and it is this aspect of the game that has taken them all over New Zealand, and parts of Australia. They thoroughly enjoy the challenge of solving and finding these elusive blue question marks. Geocaching has taken them to some amazing locations off the beaten track, and has given them the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and forge some great friendships.

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Ross & Marion at the world famous Stonehenge near Salisbury in the UKTeam rosmar consists of Ross and Marion who discovered Geocaching by chance in December 2008. After purchasing a GPS unit they then went in search of their first cache and this led to nightly after work adventures starting around their neighbourhood and weekend trips further afield within Auckland. Within a few weeks they had caught the bug and the family Christmas presents were not to be found under the tree as per normal but instead each person received coordinates leading to clues around the neighbourhood for where their presents were to be found.

Rosmar have hidden 37 geocaches, recorded finds in 11 countries, attended 68 events, 4 of which were MEGAs, and their travels have rewarded them with 30% of their finds being >1,000 km from home. Their goal is to find enough old caches to fill the remaining 13 gaps on their Finds Placed Month grid which they aim to complete on their next visit to the UK.

Since their first geocache find there has been no looking back for Ross and Marion, and now they often head off on weekend adventures in their geohome on wheels. Their previously immaculate and weed free garden is now not quite as pristine, the car no longer gets washed every week, and the Sunday night roasts are a thing of the past. Team rosmar admit they are addicted to caching and abide by the eat, sleep, cache lifestyle.

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Indiana Jill

Jill using a convenient ladder-alternative to access an elevated cacheJill started geocaching in January 2008 under an obscure name given to her by a small African tribe. She soon realised that caching was social too, and needed a name that would be easier to remember. After seeing lots of variations on 'kiwi', Jill chose Indiana Jill, both to mark her state of origin and to acknowledge the intrepid nature she'd need to find some of the better caches out there.

While Indiana Jill does not wear the fedora or carry the whip, her caching bag is well equipped. Her trekking pole came in handy as well when she cached in Thailand, Australia & India, introducing her friends there to the sport and finding places not in the guidebooks!

She has attended events in the US, including Geowoodstock X and listens to Podcacher and Geotalk podcasts. Some of Jill's scariest moments have been caching alone at great heights (Thailand, USA and in Arrowtown, NZ) and her best moments while caching with her old team (Seattle's Best, KayaknKiwi & BookwormMum) and new friends the sport has introduced her to.

Jill's cache placements have highlighted public art in Auckland, terrific Florida beaches, and a super snorkeling spot in Fiji. Jill's favourite caches are near cafes, bookshops or libraries, or on remote beaches or mountains where she breathes her gratitude to those who thought to hide them there.

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Chris & Vera near constantly erupting Mt Yasur on the island of Tanna, VanuatuTeam funkymunkyzone is made up of Chris and Vera, who have been avid geocachers since they began with the sport in 2007. Chris took up the sport initially because he knew he was going to be spending some time in Portugal with not much to do while Vera was working. They quickly discovered that geocaching took them to all sorts of interesting places well and truly off the tourist maps, and then they were hooked.

Since then they have created more than 300 geocaches, including two that have been awarded Geocache of the Week by Groundspeak's Latitude 47 blog, and one of the most visited and favourited caches in Portugal. Always up for an FTF hunt, they have managed more than 1250 FTFs in 12 countries. They have hosted events in Tiannanmen Square, Apia, and Lisbon along with numerous in Auckland, and as keen travellers, they have logged over 4000 cache finds in 31 countries so far.

The Auckland Mega 2013 was the brainchild of Chris, who conceived the idea as long ago as 2010. Having attended the very successful mega event in Dunedin in 2012, upon arriving back in Auckland he was quick to bring the Auckland team together to begin earnest efforts towards its sequel.

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