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Keep up to date with the latest news, updates and announcements from the NZ Mega 2020 team. These are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent news items at the top.

Another Special Guest Announced!

29 January 2020

Welcome to Special Guest Wednesday! We promised that we would have another special guest announcement, and here it is.

Well we don't like to play favourites here at NZ Mega headquarters, but today we are announcing a really special guest who we are very pleased is coming to the NZ Mega 2020 event - one of our most favourite Lackeys, Annie Love!

Annie has been to New Zealand before and she loves (no pun intended) our little slice of paradise, so she is super stoked to be coming back for this very special celebration event, and we are sure the community here will be extremely welcoming to her once again.

You can see a short video from Annie posted to our facebook page - make sure you go and like it, comment and make her feel at home!

What? Another Special Guest?!

26 January 2020

That's right, the NZ Mega Team is super pleased to be able to announce another Special Guest... Well, in a day or two at least...

We are already pumped about our first Special Guest who we revealed on Friday to be none other than the geocaching community's favourite geocaching YouTuber, Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger. And the very same day we received confirmation that ANOTHER of our NZ Mega 2020 guest invites has been accepted!

We are super thrilled about this announcement too, as this person is already a big fan of New Zealand, and a huge fan of geocaching - so as far as we are concerned that's a golden recipe for a perfect Special Guest for the NZ Mega 2020 event.

So keep your eyes peeled for another announcement within the next few days - we'll post to the news here as well as facebook and twitter!

Special Guest Announcement!

25 January 2020

Over the past week we have been running a competition to guess the identity of our first NZ Mega 2020 Special Guest to be announced, well aside from Signal anyway...

We announced the guest yesterday: Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger has accepted our invitation to come down to New Zealand for the NZ Mega 2020 event, and he's super pumped to come and celebrate 20 years of geocaching with all of us. He has also announced that he is going to film the third season of his popular "Cache Tour!" series of videos in New Zealand, and we are super excited about that too! Click here to see Joshua's message to New Zealand.

Congratulations to the winner of the competition, drawn randomly from all correct entries - Gazania Rigens, who will be attending the mega event all the way from the UK!

So if you haven't seen Joshua's geocaching channel, well click here, and then subscribe to his channel to be enthralled by videos about finding amazing caches and going on awesome geocaching adventures around the world. And of course, sign up to come to the NZ Mega 2020 and meet the larger-than-life man himself!

Newsletter #5

18 January 2020

It's 2020 - happy new year to you all! The NZ Mega Team have been busy over the last few weeks, so it's time for the first newsletter of 2020.

In this issue, we discuss some of the awesome things that are happening throughout the 20th year of geocaching, long gone and rare geocache types and fun events, and we make a call out for volunteers who would like to help out with the running of this year's mega event - that's right, it can't happen without the help of the community, so get in touch with us and let's talk about how you can help.

We are also about to announce the first special guest of NZ Mega 2020 - and we're running a fun competition over the next week for you to guess who they are before we announce them on Friday, 24th of January. Don't waste a moment of sleuthing time - see the newsletter and the NZ Mega 2020 facebook page for all the details!

And as always, don't forget to look out for the hidden trackable code - discover it to enter a special draw at NZ Mega 2020!