NZ Mega 2020 Competitions

What would an NZ Mega event be if there weren't a bunch of fun competitions and prizes to win?!

Pathtag Design Competition

We know you love pathtags and we do too, which is why in partnership with we are running a pathtag design competition at the NZ Mega 2020 event. All you need to do between now and the event is to design and have minted your own pathtag, using the NZ Mega 2020 "Giveback" as the tag back design. You could be in to win some beautiful pathtags plus $50 of PathCash (50USD of value) to put towards your next pathtags order!

Competition rules:

- Design and mint your own pathtag design (no minimum quantity of pathtags required beyond the normal starter kit quantity

- Your design must use the NZ Mega 2020 "Giveback" on the back of the tag

- You may incorporate any other special pathtag features or deals as available from (eg. glow, transparent enamals, etc)

- You need to email us with a decent sized jpeg of the design or photo of the tag

- You must provide us with 1 pathtag (your entered pathtag design), which will be included in the prize that will go to the winner (they will receive one of each of the entered pathtags)

- The winning pathtag design will be decided by the attendees of the NZ Mega 2020 event, by popular vote

- You will need to attend the NZ Mega 2020 event in order to win the prize

And it's that simple. So get creative and and start designing some more of those amazing pathtags that we love to spot while out geocaching! Entries to this competition will close shortly before the start of the NZ Mega 2020 event as we will need time to print out the pathtag designs/photos ready for voting at the NZ Mega 2020 event.

Guess the Guest #1

From 19th to 24th of January we ran a competition for people to guess the identity of a special guest who will be attending the NZ Mega 2020 event and we gave out clues each day up until the day of the announcement. The guest has now been announced so head on over to our facebook page to find out how excited he is to be coming to the event!

This competition is now closed

Congratulations to the winner of this competition who was drawn randomly from all correct entries, geocacher Gazania Rigens who will be attending NZ Mega 2020 all the way from the United Kingdom, and they have won a brand new unactivated Aquarius geocoin.

Mega Xmas Present

A surprise Xmas present for the NZ Mega earlier adopters - we call this the Mega Xmas Present in the New Year!

Basically, if you have registered for the mega event, logged a Will Attend on the event cache page, and purchased your Gold or Silver Supporter Pack by the 31st of January, you will automatically be in the draw for a 1 year Premium Membership subscription at Merry Xmas everyone!

Even Santa has rules...

- Valid for every individual geocaching username, so long as the following conditions are met

- The username must be fully registered through the registration process on this website (right to the final page)

- The same username must have logged a Will Attend log on the cache page on

- The username must be associated with the purchase of a Gold or Silver Supporter Pack, which must be fully paid for before midnight January 31, 2020

- 1 year of Premium Membership subscription will be applied to the winning user account on and will extend any current subscription by 1 year